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God is Great at Divine Tabernacle God is Great at Divine Tabernacle Pastor Lias Preaching 200609910 Pastor Lias Power! 200609911 Pastor Lias & Lady Tamara Pastor & Lady Tamara 200609912 Lady Tamara Singing 200609913 Lady Tamara Praising 200609914 Children Are Gift form The Lord! Easter! 200609915 Friends & Family Gift for Dr. Lias 200609916 Pastor Lias Anointed 200609917 Prayer is Powerful 200609918 Family Day Easter Sunday 200609919 Dr. Kevin Lias Pastor 201558836 Celebration Event Cemter Place of Worship 201558837 Worship Praise God 201558838 Dr. Lias & Lady Tamara Divine Tabernacle Church 201558839 Ridge Lias Taking pictures during service 201558840 Divine Tabernacle Church App 201558841 Lady Tamara Worshiping 201558842 Dr. Lias Fellowship 201558843 Dr. Lias Service 201558844 Lady Tamara Praise God 201558845 Alexis Scott Praise Dancing 201558846 Dr. Lias Releasing Power 201558847 Dr. Lias Preaching 201558848 Church Family Bible Teaching 201558849 Church Family Fellowship 201558850 Praise Glory to God 201558851 Dr. Lias & Lady Tamara Our Leaders 201558852 Pastor & Wife Our Founders 201558853